Mariko Hirakawa, B.A.M.S.

Mariko Hirakawa, B.A.M.S.
Mariko is an internationally acclaimed Yoga-Ayurveda expert and author of the best-selling book Yoga of Personal Development. She’s the founder of Visionary Yoga, a premiere training institute for personal mastery.

From being a professional ballet dancer based in New York City to becoming immersed in Yoga and Ayurveda as a Fellowship Scholar living in India for 10 years, Mariko has been a life-long explorer of human potential through the synergy of ancient and new technologies.

Fluent in Hindi and Sanskrit, she is one of the very few in the West to hold the B.A.M.S. Ayurvedic Physician’s Degree from a prestigious university in India.

Over the past 28 years, Mariko has been serving thousands of people from around the world through her classes, workshops, events, retreats and online courses as a teacher, healer and mentor, awakening Visionaries from all walks of life.

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