Marta Maria Marraccini
Marta Maria Marraccini

It’s my great joy to be of service to you on your unfolding personal growth journey. For 20 plus years now, I have been a Spiritual and personal growth facilitator along with being a professional speaker / meditation guide. In my unfolding career, I have presented at Google, Bishop Ranch, and Leaders Causing Leaders to name a few. I have successfully guided many to heal and integrate new paradigms of consciousness to find TRUE inner harmony, spiritual connection, and move into FULL SPECTRUM LIVING.

This is still possible and maybe even called for in the time of transition. Many of us have suffered in our own mind, our own consciousness. We have disconnected from our spiritual selves, only to play out unhealthy beliefs and patterns over and over again.

I certainly did this in my own life. In my early 20’s, I was physically and emotionally miserable. I suffered in my limiting beliefs and to complicate it all, I developed health issues. As I worked to understand and elevate myself from these difficult times, my personal growth process became my past time, my social life, my education, my everything. I intuitively knew there was another way. I knew I didn’t have to suffer, but where was the doorway out? Over the years, as I sought to reveal and heal my own core wounding, I developed an expertise in multiple areas and modalities – M.A. in Holistic Counseling Psychology, Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics Studies, Mindfulness, Sacred Sound technology and Guided Meditation to name a few. By integrating all of these different teachings and modalities with my own sensory abilities to see and work with energy, I found the DOORWAY OUT of that mental, physical and emotional suffering for myself. Ultimately, I was able to parley it all into a synergistic modality for others to create radical shifts in perception and provide supportive tools for maneuvering the world. From this place of clarity and understanding, my healing practice Quantum Belief emerged. I have witnessed again and again, that a shift in consciousness is DEFINITELY POSSIBLE for anyone who chooses to consciously navigate the journey.

A snap shot of how Marta Maria’s clients view her: Marta Maria’s spiritual wisdom is exceptional. She presents herself as an average person but once our session starts she moves into an evolved spiritual dimension. She is a true spiritual teacher working on her own spiritual path and supporting others on theirs. M.K. – San Francisco, CA In working with Marta Maria as a participant in her Divinity Circle program, we were transformed from human beings reaching toward spirituality, into spiritual beings reaching toward humanity. Amy W. San Francisco, CA Marta Maria is funny and personable.

Thanks to our sessions my life has shifted in a more positive direction. She seems to hold a secret. She always sees my potential and all possibilities for personal growth even when I don’t see it for myself. M.R. – Berkeley, CA

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