Martin Loya, Jr.
Martin Loya, Jr.

From the humble beginnings of homelessness with a single mom to the success of consulting and
planning for corporate companies, Martin Loya is prepared to show you the roadmap to success in
overcoming odds and getting results for your business. Martin Loya earned his bachelor’s in marketing
and later his MBA while building marketing and sales strategies for top-notch companies such as Coca-
Cola, MillerCoors, Black & Decker, Keurig Dr Pepper, and more. Have you tasted a Blue Moon? Ever used
a DeWalt power tool? Have you enjoyed an ice cold michelada? If so, chances are it is because of Martin
Loya and his plans with these companies.
Currently, Martin continues to provide these strategies today to top 100 companies. He also provides
strategies and direction for start-up and small companies looking to grow their business. This has led to
developing Duke’s Apparel which provides branded apparel to companies who look forward to having
their consumers being “walking billboards” for their brand. Martin has even successfully been able to
align various companies to work together to achieve remarkable success in joint programming
strategies. Will your business be next slated for success with this sort of strategy?
Martin can help you grow your business, drive revenue with minimal resources, develop your team, and
create efficiencies for your organization to work smarter and get the results you deserve!

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