Natoshia Lewis

Natoshia Lewis

Owner of Task Manager, LLC, Natoshia Lewis is a professional with over 12 years of progressive experience in Human Resources Management System- (HRM), Talent management, and Oracle-Enterprise Resource Planning- (ERP) process management. Worked on strategic development/security/analysis creation of Data Warehouse, and Business Intelligence (BI) using OBIEE on HRMS (PeopleSoft, Taleo) systems worked as Business Analyst on HRMS projects within the HRMS functional area.

Experience in developmental projects in between small to large corporations. Combined business and technical management experience with a great understanding of the life cycle of an implementation.

TECHNICAL: An advanced degree in information systems management that has allowed me to work with database systems along with progressive career experience knowledge. Good understanding of HRMS Infrastructure, configuration and setup with the following: security capabilities, cache management, usage tracking, dimensional hierarchy, aggregate navigation, and variables/initialization blocks configurations for Oracle systems.

BUSINESS: Global Core team member that managed several HR/Staffing Operation/Talent Management projects. My ability to contract, consult, and employ within opportunities to expound the “Big Picture” vision that has been obtained brings fresh ideas to many situations. Experience with budgeting, supervision, leadership, and entry-level positions that supports interdepartmental relationships.

I have received many awards, recognition, and personal attributes that I received to share that upholds my professionalism and experience. Teamwork organization is the sociable skill that I have learned to show my ability of working with others for successful productions.

The experiences and accomplishments are all a part of the foundation poured into the same passion of services offered to Task Manager, LLC clients.

The ability to leave an impact is always my goal as a business owner. I strive to ensure that every individual that I have met is provided a positive experience.

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