Raquel Sanchez


Raquel Sanchez

RaQuel Sanchez is a social media influencer, motivational speaker, movie producer, and a co-owner of the International Award Winning Events Companies and Online Network Communities known as Kiss The Monkeys and Kiss The Mermaids also known as KTM Events. She partners and consults with CEOs, international corporations, non-profit organizations, entertainers, models, fashion designers, company executives, VCs,  and solopreneurs to grow their personal images and/or professional brands.

Her knowledge comes from her diverse experience as a social media specialist, scientific research lab assistant, personal assistant to a high-profile music producer, service industry professional, real estate broker, medical spa marketing manager, owner of a dance production company, and as a core organizer of Help For Haiyan (named as the biggest grassroots charity drive in history, by various media outlets).

RaQuel found her hidden talents in social media in 2009 as a dance professional with no capital to market her dance company. RaQuel learned to use social media to gain international exposure for her dancers. When her friends took notice of her social media influence and marketing skills, she became highly sought-out to market for their start-ups and soon started working for several different companies as an outsourced marketer and influencer. This was when she found her everlasting desire to be an entrepreneur and to teach others how to become one themselves.

In 2013, when watching a CNN report of a devastating typhoon that hit her homeland in the Philippines, she and 4 friends decided to take action. They made The Rizal Filipino Community their headquarters to collect donations. RaQuel used her mastery of social media to launch a Facebook group she named, Help For Haiyan. As a core organizer of Help For Haiyan, she was able to solicit generous donations from major corporations and attracted television media for over 2 weeks with thousands of volunteers helping daily in the city of Chicago, despite the record-breaking below-freezing weather. A total of 18 containers were shipped to aid the victims of the typhoon.

RaQuel and her significant-other, Alex Harris, own Kiss The Monkeys and have become one of the fastest growing event companies in California. Beyond the mansion parties, festivals, summits and galas, KTM Events sponsors a variety of different charities and rallies their members to donate and volunteer for causes such as homelessness, domestic violence, environmental awareness, natural disaster relief, human trafficking, and women empowerment. RaQuel and Alex have been recognized and awarded for their humanitarian contributions by The Women’s Economic Forum and the United Nations and have also received the Presidential Award (2019). Together they connect people and brands that share a common interest in making positive global changes.

RaQuel Sanchez has been featured in many magazines and has shared the stage with world renowned speakers.

Featured in Icon Advisors Magazine Fall 2018 (A National Guide For Keynote Speakers)










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