2019, LA, California, USA

Renee Piane

Renee Piane – International Love Designer, Relationship ReInvention Expert, Author
& A Master at Connecting People for Love & Business.

Renee Piane The Love Designer is a master at connecting people. She is the President of Rapid Dating and Rapid Networking™, an internationally known Relationship Reinvention expert, the author of two books Get Real about Love ~The Secrets to Opening your Heart & Finding True Love and Love Mechanics ~ The Power Tools to Build Successful Relationships with Women, and soon to be released The Secrets to Get Ready for the Love of your Life. Renee had a vision of becoming a catalyst for affecting positive change in people’s interpersonal lives, thus building stronger communities with her events and seminars. Since 1992, Renee facilitated thousands of connections for love and business.

A TV and Radio host Renee draws from her 25 years of research in psychology, sociology, and the healing arts and she is certified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), time-line therapy and hypnotherapy. She is an international speaker on topics such as communications, networking techniques, balancing business, love and family, Getting back in the game of love, Healing from a broken heart, relationship dynamics and dating. A popular lecturer, talk-show host & guest, Renee’s work has been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC, The Today Show, Lifetime, Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times. Renee was listed in the Wall Street Journal as one of the eight resources for singles in America and has matched up thousands of couples at her Rapid Dating and “Rapid Networking” events.

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