Sonia Clark

Sonia Clark

I’ve been training and coaching people since I was 14 with dancing, then 17 with my
first career, then 24 with my first business, and it never stopped. It’s a
little in the blood, as my Mum was a school teacher for over 50 years. I fell in
love with developing people and businesses.

I love a challenge and have many accolades and am
now expanding my current business in Business Management Education with
Coaching Entrepreneurs and providing Corporate Professional Development for Staff.

I have 27 years’ experience in accredited and
non-accredited Training, Coaching, Facilitation, Course Design and RTO Management,
including working across many industries and professions with people and
businesses in offline and online. I not only love learning, but I also encourage
the joy of learning and empowerment in others together with my team.

My mission is to enable businesses to positively impact communities and the micro-economy with the ethos of “paying-it-forward”, therefore contributing to the macro-economy and future generations.

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