Sophia Marie Lightfoot
Sophia Marie Lightfoot

For over three decades, Sophia Marie Lightfoot secretly struggled with overeating.
Outwardly she appeared to be a cheerful, confident woman who was actively making a
positive contribution in her community.
After years of trying to change her eating habits, Sophia found a lasting solution while
training with world-renowned British hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer. After getting to the root
cause of her eating habits, Sophia rewired her mind to effortlessly maintain her ideal
weight while enjoying food and eating, without dieting, meal-plans, exercise programs,
pills, potions or shakes!
Sophia writes, speaks, runs group programs, and works with a select number of private
clients, helping women stop overeating by creating a strong, healthy, loving relationship
with food and themselves.
Outside of business hours, Sophia enjoys the company of her children, family, and friends,
as well as dancing, singing, and performing.

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