Suzanne Wexler

Suzanne Wexler
In her upcoming lifestyle TV series THE PARTY (available this Fall on Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Prime through Binge Networks), Suzanne Wexler shows her audience how to kick up their heels and enjoy life to the max—even while surviving social distancing and the Covid-19 pandemic. Full of joie-de-vivre with a hilarious contrarian streak, Suzanne Wexler will squeeze into mom jeans and try-on tie-dye so her audience doesn’t have to; dish about refreshing (outdoor!) entertaining ideas; cook easy date-night recipes to crank up the romance; and give simple eco tips to inspire viewers to take small steps—and then hopefully giant leaps—towards a greener life.
Suzanne Wexler, M.A., has been featured in Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest,, Kveller, and on TV and radio stations across the USA and Canada (NBC, CTV National, Virgin Radio). As a trusted older sister figure to Millennials and Gen Z’s, she’s best known for shining the light on culture shifts so audiences can better understand the fast-paced world we’re living in, reporting on selfies before there were selfies, the sudden popularity of food trucks, ceremony-less weddings, and she’s also a sought-after expert on the latest vintage and resale markets. Suzanne Wexler loves building bridges so generations can honor the past and work together to build a brighter future.

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