1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Tamara Allen

She attracts what she believes so her experiences and views are different. Tamara LaSalle Allen is a motivational speaker, business owner, and humanitarian. The Dallas, Texas native’s catchphrase is “Making Dollars Out Of Sense,” with this adage she pushes individuals to never allow lack to deter them from their dreams. “Lack is the illusion, abundance is the reality”. She is a firm believer in the power of words. Tamara abounds in knowledge in the arena of wellness. Holistic and natural products are the quintessence of her business. She developed ‘Cul J 15 Day Cleanse’, an all-natural product that promotes colon health. She did not stop there; she also created Grandma Joyce’s Kitty Cleanse, an all-natural tea that helps alleviate menstrual cramps.

During a time where multiple streams of income are essential Tamara is equipping individuals with the knowledge and resources to succeed. Purpose over popularity is the driving force in all that she does. Tamara is a pillar in her community. Benevolence is paramount in her life. She has found power in seeing things the way they are and telling the truth. Being the change she wants to see has brought her great success in achieving her goals. Authenticity is her super power!