Tichea Brade

Tichea Brade

Tichea Brade Empowerment & Visibility Coach & founder of the brand “She Created Her Life” created the platforms to unite people with the life they truly love.

Tichea became a single parent at 18 to a daughter that inspires her every single day. Tichea did not want to be stereotyped as a single parent and went on to study Fine Art, & Creative computing and gain a BA in Design for Interactive Media & Advertising in West London.

Her career is extensive, working for several well known companies such as GSK, MSD, Teva, Cushman & Wakefield, Hertz to name a few.

After a corporate career of 14 years. Tichea knew there had to be more to life.

Tichea was sick of missing out on life and suppressed by limiting belief, systems, and society.

4 years ago she set the intentions to find the purpose of life. Not knowing that not only would she find the purpose of her own life, but she would go on to help 100’s of people to find theirs through her 1-2-1 & group coaching.

She discovered life was about doing things she loved every day, creating experiences, taking herself out of her comfort zone, meeting new people and opening herself up to the universe, and creating the life she really wanted.

Tichea now inspires, encourages, and empowers other people to do the same through her beautifully curated events such as Festival, Workshops, and Day Retreats.

Tichea is a qualified Empowerment & Visibility Coach and has developed a 5 step formula which includes The Ultimate Visibility Switch that gets you SEEN, HEARD and PAID! This formula changed her life from an 8 – 8 job to a life of freedom and she wants to empower you to do the same. She created her life. Now it’s your turn.

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