TR Garland

TR Garland
#1 Bestselling Author and Wall Street Journal Award winner TR Garland believes that most people are treating their connections like a “commodity” in today’s business environment.
As a result…
They’re failing to consistently — “Turn Those Connections into Currency”.
He’s observed that many people place too much emphasis on Technology-Based Marketing Methods.  And not enough on Relationship-Based Marketing Methods.  Therefore, he’s on a mission to seamlessly integrate the two.
While TR realizes that technology is essential to improve productivity…
He also realizes there’s a fine line between automation & authenticity.  As such, he’s a leading advocate for using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Market Intelligence (M.I.) to enhance personal communication and not replace it.
TR’s proven & proprietary process is called, “Cross-Platform Cultivation” and is rooted in relationship-building — while still taking advantage of technological trends.
The result?
His clients regularly report:
— Filling Their Events
— Filling Their Enrollment Conversations
— Filling Their Online Programs
(with 100’s of highly-qualified prospects every single month!)
Point blank…
Inc. Magazine recognizes TR as “…today’s most relevant Relationship Marketing Expert”.
Entrepreneur Magazine recognizes TR as “…one of the top Business Networking Experts in the world”.
Most others recognize him as a true Industry Insider who for the last decade has helped many of today’s 6, 7, and 8-figure Icons & Influencers increase their INCOME by increasing the amount of IMPACT they make in this world.
His clients are the “Who’s Who” in the Personal & Professional Development Industry:
– TR helped Michael E. Gerber (during the 25th anniversary of “The E-Myth”) generate $326K within his first 45 days of joining Michael’s Team
– TR helped Loral Langemeier (from the blockbuster movie “The Secret”) generate over $647K within the first 4 months of joining Loral’s Team
– TR helped Brian Tracy launch a Sales Certification Program that boasted initial revenue close to $1M after the first year
And TR has even helped the iconic “Think & Grow Rich” brand during the historic 75th Anniversary of this must-have book that transformed an entire industry.
He’s focused on helping emerging Transformational Leaders, Change-Makers, & Purpose-Driven Professionals (just like you) finally turn their message into a movement by amassing an Army of Advocates who’ll help magnify & multiply that message.
TR’s Signature Solutions include (but are not limited to):
(1) = Leveraging LinkedIn 5-Hour Fast Start
“Give Me 5 Hours and I’ll Teach You How To Get 5 New 5-Figure Clients in the Next 5 Weeks”
(…using nothing but your Free LinkedIn Profile!)
(2) = Push-Button Pipeline
“The Proven & Predictable Process for Filling Your Events, Enrollment Conversations, and Online Programs”
(…with 100’s of highly qualified prospects every single month!)
(3) = Turn Your Profile into Profits
“Intimate Implementation Intensive That’ll Teach You How To Turn Your Social Media Profiles into Predictable Profit Centers”
(…without the cost & risk associated with complex funnels, overwhelming email marketing campaigns, or elaborate online advertising!)
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