7TH – 8TH AUGUST 2020

All sessions by Valentin Siroon

Invest In Yourself

Valentin Siroon

An entrepreneur in multiple industries, a Jane of All Trades!

She has an international flair about her. Valentin immigrated to the United States as a young girl and had many obstacles to overcome. She is the Owner and Broker of Home Sweet Home Realty, speaker, motivator.

She helps people realize their dreams of financial independence, home ownership, self development by helping to make it happen. She does not give up easily. She acts as a consultant and speaker, motivating people where they are and bringing them to a higher level of accomplishment, whether in their personal lives or what they hope to accomplish in the working world. Valentin has vast experience in establishing businesses, flipping homes…not one to shy away from an idea and think outside the box. She has discovered the key to success is being mentally healthy.

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