Vicky Schettini

I am Vicky Schettini and I am here to show you WHAT FINANCIAL FREEDOM LOOKS LIKE.

Vicky Schettini

Four years ago, I was homeless. Now I am building homes for other people. 

In 2012, I found myself working from paycheck-to-paycheck with only $25 a month to spare. As a simple mom, I wanted financial security for my child and I. I set out to make the right connections, I learned how to flip homes in California. Although I had early success. legal expenses from the divorce were extracting all the profits. Undeterred, I was determined to build wealth and my legacy for my family, In 2014, my daughter graduated high school and started a new chapter going to LSUA. I was now one of the many women who have the empty-nest syndrome. U took a leap of faith and relocated to Jackson,MS to be closer to my only daughter. After several setbacks that left me homeless, I was finally able to close my first home with only $500 left to my name.

In 2018, I founded WIT (Whatever It Takes) Property Finders. I was already on track to accomplish my financial freedom building my wealth and legacy. From those humble beginnings, I stayed focused and driven. I own and owned several multi-family complexes, over 100 SFR (Single Family Residence), retail and commercial buildings. In the last four years, U have executed over 1,000 traditional and non-traditional transactions ranging from flips, buy and holds, notes, wraps, partials , and wholesales of single-family residences, multi-family, storage units, mobile home parks, retail and commercial buildings all combine totaling over $72 million in real estate.

Currently. I am the author of “Investing Real Estate Secrets” set to launch in August 2019. My most recent accomplishment, I have completed my offer, “Wealth and Empowerment – Real Estate for Financial Freedom” product. My goal is to use my product and all of the knowledge I’ve gained over the last few years to help at least one million people. Once again, I am in full speed, determined to make a difference in other peoples lives. My next event will launch in Los Angeles. CA on October 25th – 27th.

Speaking Events in the Last 12 Months

1. David Fabricius “Real Estate Investing” – Las Vegas, NV – July 2018

2. Strategic Net Worth Las Vegas, NV – September 2018

3. The Money Event, Las Vegas, NV – August 2018

4. The Strategic Wealth Mastermind, Las Vegas, NV – January 2019

5. Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs, Tampa, FL – May 2019

6. Real Estate Moguls ongoing from Austin, TX 7—2018 — Curfrent

7. Paul Montelongo — San Antonio, Tx Entrepreneurial Genius


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  • Paul Montolongo – | 210-864-7285
  • Trey Banks – | 832-341-5597
  • Kyle Ross – |361-235-9562
  • Dave Vanhoose – | 813-334-9993

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