William “Mr. Bill” Allen

William “Mr. Bill” Allen

An inspirational, dynamic, vision-driven leader, “Mr. Bill” (as he is affectionately known) is a natural-born leader with a passion for excellence!  As a Global entrepreneur, and CEO of a vertically integrated family of successful companies known for their leading-edge innovation and unmatched service excellence, Mr. Bill is recognized as an award-winning leader in his domain.  He has dedicated his life’s work to the service of others through what he calls “hero creation”. History shows he has a gift for leading people to breakthroughs.

He owns the following businesses which transact commerce globally and with factories throughout the States, Europe and China:  Future Cleaning Technologies, i-team Global, Hawaii Care & Cleaning, Mercury Floor Machines, Sandia Products, Hawaii Exclusive Management, Kauai Exclusive Real Estate, Ultimate Solutions, Sunnybrook Farms, New Zealand.

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