1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Top Guru And Juicemaster Jason Vale To Appear At The Best You Expo USA


Jason Vale, AKA The Juicemaster will be bringing his special brand of health and well-being to The Best You Expo USA in March 2018, at Long Beach, California.

Jason, who was recently voted Guru of the Year at The Best You Expo UK is keen to demonstrate how juicing can have a startling positive effect on your life, combatting lifestyle diseases such as obesity, allergy, asthma and so much more without resorting to expensive drugs.

“The clue about lifestyle illness is in the name. People get sick from living in a certain way – they get obese because their bodies are seeking healthful, life-giving nutrition in he wrong foods, or get allergies because their bodies are fed with chemicals that do them harm. Change the lifestyle, and you change the person,” he says simply. “Put in foods that Nature has developed over thousands of years to nourish you, and you will be transformed!”

Jason speaks from personal experience. In his twenties he was wracked with allergies, depressed and obese. Juicing changed his life completely. Now with his mission to spread smart nourishment throughout the world, he has built up a huge following across Europe, bringing health and an appreciation of what good food can do for you to millions worldwide.

“I’m pumped to be speaking at The Best You Expo, USA,” says The Juicemaster. “It’s going to be a great experience – and here’s to helping more people drop the drugs, finish with pharma, enjoy the juice and love their life!”

The Juicemaster will appear at The Best You Expo USA at the Long Beach Convention Center, California, on March 24-25th 2018. He looks forward to meeting you there!