1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Dear friends and customers

We are extremely disappointed to announce that we have no choice but to postpone our Best You EXPO scheduled on the 20-21st of March. There are many factors that have forced us to do so but at this point we feel it’s the best and most responsible thing to do. Many speakers have decided not to attend concerned about travel and the virus. We obviously are concerned regarding basic services being disrupted and even being shut down just a day or two before the event.

Our team, along with the venue’s management, has done everything possible up until the last minute, to safely hold the event as planned,. However, daily changing conditions, public health and government guidance, international travel restrictions, and escalating distress in Los Angeles brought on by the unfolding global coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns has forced this decision.

As always, we will do everything within our control to take care of and safeguard our participants’ well-being, after all that’s what The Best You is all about. We had followed all suggested health and safety protocols and guidelines and will be utilizing them at future events no matter where they may be.

At this point we had close to 11.000 people pre-registered to attend the event and we are aware of the inconvenience that this causes.

For those of you flying in from all over the world, we recommend you to reach out to your airline and hotel accommodations, many of whom have amended their policies in light of the coronavirus issue.

We had great things planned for you, but nevertheless, we will be sending you free access to some of our exclusive online content plus we will be running a very small event with guest speakers and panelists based in LA to share with you all so you can be with us “virtually”… More coming soon.

To our VIP customers we have something very special we will be emailing you in the next few days.

To our, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and media partners we thank you for you patience and understanding, we have so many people lined up and ready to connect with you all.

We will make the next even bigger and better.

We are working with the venue and our partners on the new dates the summer and look forward to coming back to you with a further update in the following days.

Let me remind you all this is a time for humanity to stick together to help and support each other and those in need.

Stay calm, stay strong, stay focused.

May The Best Be With You

A message from Bernardo