1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Man Cave

A place to have honest and serious conversations. A place open to men for people to open up. We will invite experts and leaders in the forefront of the issues and challenges men may struggle with.


Day 2

1st August

“Resist and Transform “

Matthew David Robinson

Talk description

Boxing, brain tumours, and cannabis Oil, how I went from Champion boxing hypnotist to Vegan Ultra marathon runner and transformation coach, a story of highs lows hard knocks and happiness

Day 2

3rd August

ACTIVATE GENIUS – Can you EAT your way to the Best you?

Daniel Bissonnette

Talk description

We certainly can build a Better, Faster, Smarter Brain by Eating the Right Foods!!! But we can also deteriorate it by eating the Wrong Foods.
Daniel says “I wasn’t born an Einstein or “Gifted”, but was able to achieve Success at a young age because, I activated my Inner Genius.’’ He shares his top 3 Nutrition Hacks for Activating your “Inner Genius” and offers insights on:

Which Foods Best Boost Memory Focus and Concentration?

What time is your Body Primed to absorb Nutrients?

What are the “Best Food Combinations” for Maximizing Nutritional value.

His #1 BREAKFAST Recipe for Activating GENIUS!

Speakers in this Room

Matthew David Robinson
Matthew is a Sports Hypnotherapist, having worked with amateur and professional athletes in various sports such as running, horse riding,…
Daniel Bissonnette
Meet 15 year-old prodigy Daniel Bissonnette. At 12 he was ranked in the world’s top 100 most influential vegans, at…