1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

1st August 1:00 pm

How to address the blind spots in your personal leadership

Empowering Women

Discover your unconscious blocks that limit your growth and stop pretending everything is okay by finally removing the hidden frustration in your personal life and business!
Although you are experiencing much success, do you somehow still feel dissatisfied with your results?
When you hear praises from others, is it hard to accept because you feel like you don’t truly deserve it?
When you look in the mirror, do you struggle between what you do vs who really you are?
Leverage the most revolutionary mind transformation process you will ever experience that incorporates a sobering process of the mind-spirit connection that we never realized. Address the blind spots in your personal leadership to improve your relationship with self and others.
Discover how to:
Be valued and supported authentically
Become comfortable in your own skin
Reconnect to your truth
Stop unconsciously rejecting your blessings
Learn how serving yourself = serving others MORE
Implement misunderstood divine principles
Avoid being compromised for anything or anyone
Join us to be infused with excellence and continuously reveal your truth, and deliver your highest value possible.