Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

20th March 12:00 pm

Finding Life Purpose & Soul Connection

Empowering Women


I see it everyday people telling me and actually living in what they express as a purposeless life. Unhappy with how they live or who they.re with or where they work. So many people live and force themselves to be satisfied in this torment that they believe is the only life they have to live.

It brings me great joy and accomplishment in life knowing that I live my purpose helping people to find theirs. Bringing people back from a dark world that they believe they are stuck in. And bringing light, holding their hand and showing them the path they can be on is my greatest joy. I can and I will find your path if you’re ready to begin that glorious journey with me. However, it will take enduring breaking down the walls that do not let you escape from a locked down and caged in soul.

During this class, we will go through what you need to achieve your life’s purpose.
• IDENTIFY- Need to identify what’s holding you back and become honest with your true desires.
• DISCOVERY- Find out what your life purpose is.
• STRENGTHEN – Building up the strength to take action.
• ACCEPTANCE- Being completely confident and comfortable with the new you.