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We loved The Love Event

We held the Love Event in September between the 9th and 11th of September. it was a fantastic event with over three and a half thousand registered attendees: so many great talks and panels. Some of the speakers included Ken Honda, Greg Reid, David Fagan, Mas Sajady, Jen DuPlessis, Kim Serafini, Jim Poole, Doria Cordova, Dr Darcy, Robert Mack, Caroline Cory, Dr Tood, Satyen Raya, Chad Allen, Danella Burnett, Shiraz Baboo, Isabel Fagan, Jennifer Hough, Sara Davison, Allison Maya Rose, David Chametzcky, Dr Mort Orman, Jess Carter,  Lori Marini, Francess, Ken and Maris Segal, Marianna Alfa and our founder Bernardo Moya and so many more.

Some of the panel titles were

“Takers, Breakers and Narcissists Oh My! (How to deal with difficult people)”,

“Bringing People Together”

“Becoming Superhuman Thorough Love

”Taboo Sex Topics Expert Panel “Rated R” (Sophisticated Sex Conversations for the Curious)”

and so many more.

You can still see the programme and get the recordings by going to The Love Event web page LINK

Many of those speakers are now sharing their expertise at The Best You EXPO.

You can find all the confirmed speakers by clicking on this LINK