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Frances Fomai

An experienced writer and self-published book author of “Can You Hear Me?” Strong media and communication professional. Demonstrated a 17+ year history of working in the exterior sign and digital, off-set and promotional printing industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Print Management, Project Management, Cold-Calling, Creative Writing, Sales and Pre-press.

Bimal Shah

Bimal is a pioneer, author, and results leader delivering meaningful transformations. Bimal is the CEO of the Rajparth group of companies with a mission to make a million pioneers throughout the world. Bimal has a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve their three-year goal in one year that is closest to their 25-year vision.

Jen Du Plessis

Jen Du Plessis is affectionately known as The Impact and Scaling Mentor and is The Leading Expert in creating world class teams. A financial services industry veteran of 4 decades and was listed in the Top 200 mortgage originators nationally, funding over$1Billion in mortgage loans.

Jeff Barnes

Jeff Barnes is a former US Navy Nuclear power plant operator on a Submarine, Navy diver, risk management director, technology enthusiast, business growth expert, advisor and management consultant. Mr. Barnes sits on the boards of startup companies, runs a venture fund, supports non-profits supporting military vets, and spends most of his time helping CEOs and founders of growing companies

Suzy Prudden

Suzy Prudden is an author of twelve books including the best selling, Suzy Prudden’s Spot Reducing, Itty Bitty Weight Loss Book, MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape, and Change Your Mind, Change Your Body. She’s winner of the Women in Business

Spotlight Bernardo Moya

Tech & AI

Dive into the future in our AI and New Tech room. Explore the latest in artificial intelligence and groundbreaking technologies. Experience demos that are reshaping industries, meet innovators behind the magic, and glimpse tomorrow’s tech today. Perfect for tech enthusiasts and the tech-curious alike.

Best for Business

Meet the very best business, leadership, career and executive coaches, and successful entrepreneurs, from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Share content, best practices and resources for accelerating business performance and personal leadership development.

Empowering women

A dedicated seminar room, panel series and showcase of leaders and organisations who empower girls and women in the workplace, marketplace and community, and who are opening new horizons in economic growth, political stability and social transformation.

Inspiration zone

Central to the Expo, the Inspiration Zone is an experience area designed to help you unlock self-limiting beliefs, discover effective strategies to increase your energy and master new skills, including consciousness hacking, speed coaching, self-esteem classes and phobia cures and much, much more!