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LaMonte Wilcox and McKelle Wilcox

LaMonte and his daughter McKelle are the founders of Fulfill Life Yourself(FLY). After helping over 500 clients with mental struggles and over a 90% satisfaction rate the FLY model is quickly becoming the go to program for mental wellness and parenting. It is a way to apply the proven principles of high level success and performance to transform mental struggles into powerful attributes of achievement. With this high success rate many other methods, programs, and modalities are obsolete. If what you have been doing, whether it’s traditional therapy and medications, or dietary adjustments and supplements, or all the many alternative methods, and you, your children, or your partner are still suffering and aren’t experiencing a life of true fulfillment, come learn about the FLY Method. And if you don’t struggle with any of these ailments, what would you want to reprogram in your life to experience the life fulfillment you currently don’t believe is possible. If this could have major results for those struggling on high levels of mental suffering, imagine how much it could impact you and your success. With this model, parents realize that they are in the best position to help their children overcome debilitating mental struggles and have an unheard of resilience to challenges. This is a must have skill set that will give you and your children the ability to thrive no matter their situation!

Janice Niederhofer

Janice Niederhofer is best known for her impressive 29+ year law enforcement career, the
majority of which she served as a Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration,
(DEA). She has broken glass ceilings for women and forged new ways of how law enforcement
performs their duties.
Janice earned a B.S. in Psychology, B.A. in Criminal Justice, and an M.A. in Forensic
Psychophysiology. She went on to be certified in several modalities including numerous
certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Patterning, certified life transformational and success coaching,
leadership, communication, and conflict resolution.
Janice became a sought-after instructor and has taught agencies such as the FBI, NCIS, CIA, SS, DEA, ATF, ICE, NSA, DHS, DCIS, Mexico’s Congreso International de Control de Confianza, Los Angeles Police Department, Detroit Police Department, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and numerous other local, state and federal agencies. An expert in human behavior, Janice excelled in many positions including leadership development, hostage negotiator, SWAT team member, narcotics detective, interview/interrogator, polygraph examiner, undercover work, primary firearms instructor, defense/tactical instructor, trauma team, and sensitive specialized details.
Janice has shared the stage with high-ranking law enforcement officials and private speakers such as Les Brown; David Fagan; Mark Victor Hansen; T. Harv Eker, Anthony Robbins, and Greg Reid. Janice was also one of the first certified coaches for Robbins Research International, Inc.
She has been featured in the Los Angeles Tribune newspaper and magazine, NBC News, a
contributing author in Women Change the World, and featured on numerous podcasts.
Janice is the innovative Founder and Board Chair for Humankind Alliance, a non-profit
organization healing the divide between communities and law enforcement. Her well-honed skills and transformative insight form the basis of Humankind Alliance. Janice believes in sharing her knowledge through experiential and immersive education to rebuild trust and strengthening our nation’s communities.

Deborah Myers

A certified Acupressurist, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, author, speaker, and wellness coach,
Deborah Myers helps people get and stay healthy. Since 1995, she has worked one-on-one with
clients utilizing light, gentle touch to reduce stress, relieve pain, and bring balance to body, mind, and spirit. Deborah is on a mission to teach others how they can be partners with their own bodies.
Through all her expertise and programs, Deborah has helped thousands of people of all ages
discover how to take charge of their own health. She founded Deborah Myers Wellness to treat,
educate, inspire, and empower participants to achieve balance and integrated health. She
developed workshops, workplace wellness programs, and programs for kids in their classrooms
and their homes. All sessions and programs are now available virtually as well as in person.
Deborah created an animated video of the Daily Clean Your House Flow®, a nine-step self-help
acupressure flow. She has written accompanying books that offer clear explanations and colorful illustrations. Deborah is a featured instructor with Humanity’s Team, a global transformational educational organization.
Deborah developed the virtual Productive Mindfulness School Program to optimize learning and
make life easier for everyone – kids, teachers, and parents. Her program, designed for K-8
students, empowers kids to step into an easy-to-do daily practice that will create calm, increase
focus, balance emotions, and boost self-confidence even during distance learning. The practical
self-help tools help them succeed at home or school with resilience and grit.

Melissa Osorio

Melissa’s journey has propelled her to the forefront of mental health advocacy, where she stands as a resilient champion and fervent ambassador for psychedelic therapy. Melissa’s globetrotting endeavors have taken her to an astonishing 87 countries. Her exceptional work and unwavering commitment have garnered the attention of esteemed publications, including the prestigious Los Angeles Tribune Magazine.
She is a visionary author who has penned the enlightening masterpiece, Hidden Memories:
Discover What’s Blocking You from Life and Love. Her profound insights have touched the lives
of countless individuals, guiding them toward a brighter, more fulfilling future.

David Jones

David Jones author of the book After Meal and inventor of the patented Water Whale the is an
award winning and media celebrated entrepreneur having been featured in everything from USA
Today to the Los Angeles Tribune. His expertise and experience includes everything from public
speaker to real estate investor to serious gardener.

Tony Salazar

Tony Salazar attended La Sierra University with an emphasis in Information Systems and Graphic Design. After University Tony Salazar returned to his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, and worked 10 years in Banking & Financial planning at major financial institutions. In the year 2000, Tony Salazar founded C&D Construction Services Inc. and Liberty Salvage Materials Inc. which focused on the “Green industry”, resource management, Construction Waste Management, recycling, and sustainability. In 2020, Tony Salazar worked for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC of Nevada) as a business advisor for small businesses to attain PPP loans, EIDL Federal Loans, and Grants. Tony Salazar started investing in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and technologies in 2013 and in 2020 Founded MABIL Academy as an educational financial channel partner that emphasizes small business micro-funding, business advising, and financial & cryptocurrency education. Currently, He is the CEO of Maven Federal Credit Union.

Carmen Crypto

Carmen currently serves as the Head of Business Development for ClearChainX.com, a SiriusIQ Ai company, she plays a pivotal role in driving growth and fostering strategic partnerships. She is committed to demystifying complex blockchain concepts, making them accessible to both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts. As an educator and advocate, she shares her knowledge through speaking engagements and online forums, fostering a greater understanding of blockchain’s capabilities. Carmen is also skilled in forming strategic partnerships within the crypto space, and she is dedicated to ensuring the security and integrity of blockchain ecosystems. She is also an advisor to the Blockchain Legal Institute and LegalWise Ai.Cam

Kadeem Locke

Kadeem Loren Locke is a Jamaican-American writer, born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Kadeem is an avid anime watcher, video game player, reader, and slew of other things that take up his time with writing being the number one culprit. You can catch him at your local restaurant or bookstore or doing whatever he finds himself getting into. Kadeem graduated from the University of North Florida where he received his Bachelors in English with a Minor in Creative Writing.

Larry Loik

As the founder of Completely AI and Complete Marketing Systems,
Lawrence Loik is recognized as a leading authority on AI-powered marketing.